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Dean P. Foster's home page

472 Huntsman Hall
Department of Statistics, Wharton
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA, 19104-6340
Phone: 215 898 8233

I have several pages about my teaching, my research, and a few rants and raves.

If you are feeling in a darker mood, look at my most popular page namely the mortality calculator that Lyle Ungar, Choong Tze Chua and I created.

I'm a supporter of open access of science to everyone. Hence I will only referee for journals that satisfy the open access guidelines of the public library of science. Basically, this means papers must be placed on the web (for free access to all) within a "reasonable" time of being published. I urge everyone to join in this movement. (An interesting blog and comment , pricing.) A similar argument (.pdf) can be applied to software.

Several of us have started creating a database of eigenwords.


"When enough people share a delusion, it loses its status as a psychosis and gets a religious tax exemption instead." Ronald DeSousa

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